Malmö nation recalls songbooks in second apology

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Lundagård has in a series of articles reported on Malmö nation’s songbook, containing songs deemed as discriminatory against people of Asian origin. After a public apology, Malmö nation now urges members to return the criticized book.

After the nation’s initial, public apology posted on Facebook, they have now issued a second statement on their website, where the nation clarifies that a specific action plan has been established and is currently being followed.

The nation also clarifies that new editions of the songbook will be printed, without the song. Further, Malmö nation urges all those 167 people who own an old copy of the book to return it, either to receive a copy of the new version, or get a full refund.

In an e-mail to Lundagård, Fanny Spindler Lagercrantz, curator at Malmö’s, evaluates on the nation’s decision: “We don’t want these books to circulate among our members”, she writes. Fanny Spindler Lagrcrantz adds that this is part of the nation’s new plan of action, and claims that the nation takes “full responsibility” for the situation.

According to Fanny Spindler Lagercrantz, Malmö nation is working together with the printing company to explore whether physical material from the old song books can be re-used in the new version, to ensure a lower environmental impact.

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