Explosion at the Physics department

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There has been an explosion at the Physics department at Lund University, related to work in one of the Physics labs, causing the collapse of a wall and the evacuation of 400-500 people.

Emergency services received a call of an explosion at the Lund University Physics department just before lunch. According to the services, an entire wall of the building has collapsed, and several ambulances, fire trucks and police cars were called to the site. No one was physically injured in the accident. A large area was cordoned off, and spectators was asked to stay clear of the area until it was secured.

Joachim Schnadt, The head of the Physical Department in Lund, confirmed that it was a compressor that had exploded.

According to Kenneth Karlsson at Räddningstjänsten Syd, the explosion was probably due to a technical failure in the air compressor. Karlsson said at 13:30 that they are now working towards securing the building.

Around two this afternoon Joachim Schnadt said that the surrounding area is no longer shut off.

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