Size does matter – when picking condoms

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”Condoms don’t fit me right,” might be a familiar phrase, but in a world full of different-sized condoms, it is never a legitimate excuse for not using one. Instead, all it takes is minimal effort to find the most comfortable size.

When it is your job to preach how important it is to use condoms, you quickly learn what people think about them. Let me tell you one thing – folks have all sorts of different opinions about condoms and myriad excuses for not using one. Are you wondering what the most popular excuse is? It is the size. Lots of people think that condoms are either too small or just don’t feel right.

The bad news is that they’re not entirely wrong because condoms are not one-size-fits-all, but they are very elastic. So, it’s a question of comfort rather than the fit. The typical Swedish condom, RFSU’s 53 millimeter-wide Profil will likely fit everyone, but it may not be very comfortable. However, I have good news for those who think that condoms aren’t for them because they’re too big or too small: Condoms come in different sizes that vary from 45 to 69 millimeters in width. With minimal research, you can find out which is the most comfortable for you.

Condom sizes are determined by width, and that is why circumference is key to figuring out the right size. Length is not unimportant, but it’s very rarely the reason why a condom doesn’t fit. So, what you need to do first is to measure the circumference of your erect penis with a measuring tape – preferably a soft one to avoid injuries. Then check the website of your favorite brand to find the dimensions of different condoms. It might be a trial-and-error process because the only way to know for sure if a condom fits is to try it. You can’t afford to do that on a tight budget? There are some student organizations *cough* P6 *cough* where you can get different-sized condoms for free!

The bottom-line is, size matters. Remember the words of the wise Marla Singer in Fight Club: “Condom is the glass slipper of our generation.” The right-sized condom is a glass slipper that you must find for yourself to enjoy safe and much more satisfying sex with your partner(s). Just keep in mind that it’s worth the trouble.

By: Yagmur Yilmaz, Head of Educational Initiatives at P6