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In Lundagård's advice column, Theodor Bondestam answers the readers' questions. This week's inquirer is an international student who has difficulty finding friends in Lund.

Hello Theo!
I’m an international master’s student and it is difficult to make friends and even find someone who wants to share the same cultural or sports activities. Even going to the movies to see Barbie is difficult, because everyone has already seen it (except for my neighbour but I don’t want him to think that if I invite him, it’s a date lol)!
What do you recommend?

Hi L,

I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I have also lived outside of my home country for different periods, and it is indeed difficult to make friends. Often, I have found myself hanging out with other international students. Why it is this way, I don’t know.

Fortunately, Lund and Skåne offer numerous possibilities to make new friends. I am thinking about the student organizations for sports, culture, and all kinds of activities. And the student nations could be a perfect place to find others who are seeking new acquaintances. I know that Kalmars and Wermlands gather many international students. And Facebook groups! Maybe you can find a FB-group that suits your interests?

Lastly, we have your problem with the Barbie movie. I have heard of others who are struggling with the same issue – which gives hope in this matter. However, I would suggest that you ask your neighbour after all. Why not frame it as a “friend date”? In the end, maybe Barbie is what unites the both of you.

Good luck,